It's been 5 years!

Oh my goodness...I haven't posted on livejournal in 5 years. Can anyone see this? Let me's Crow! :) Where all my friends from Zefron at? Haha, lame. 

New Layout

i got a new layout! yay, it's brighter and more fun i think. i love love love the banner. what do you think? i haven't posted anything for years, but here are some avatars and blends i made:

i love david beckham:



4 weeks

gosh, i haven't had any time at all to make graphics. 4 more weeks until school is out and i'm definitely making graphics after that. 4 more weeks!

Zac & Vanessa banners

Hello, hello. This weeks is going to bomb, in a stressful way. I've got a drivers license test on Friday, SAT's on Saturday, have to write a 4-5 page essay in my history class, make up a board game for the same class. When will it end? Yeah, PLEASE wish me luck on all of that. I really hope I pass my license test and get a great score on the SAT's.

Made some new banners of Zac and Vanessa. I probably won't make anything until this week is over.